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Hudson only 3 days old | My youngest model yet

So about a week ago I got to meet the newest member of the Brown Family, Camryn and Jessica’s little boy, Hudson Thomas at only 3 days old.
We was so tiny and cute and I just wanted to cuddle him forever.

We headed out to Camryn’s parents property just past Woodford, where they had an abundance of photo opportunities there, from rusty shed’s to wooden fences and large shady trees. It was a wonderful location, and actually the location of Camryn and Jessica’s wedding ceremony, which was cool to know. It poured the day of their wedding and ruined a lot of photo opportunities for them, so with the amazing weather we had on the day, I managed to squeeze in a couple of photos of just the two of them at the end of Hudson’s photoshoot as the sun went down.

Hudson was my youngest model yet and boy was he cute. I think we managed to get quite a few lovely photos of Hudson and his beautiful family and here is a sneak peek with many more to come soon, so stay tuned!

Laura xx
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