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“Own It” Photoshoot for Youth Week 2011 in Moreton Bay Region

This year I had a great opportunity to work with the girls from Transit Lounge Caboolture, a support service for young creative people living in the Moreton Bay Region. They work closely with local communities, businesses, schools etc. And this year TLC was involved in putting together a campaign for “Youth Week” with the theme of “Own It!”

We had a large group of local talented people who were involved in the production of the “Own It!” brochure, designed by Geoff, and the behind the scenes video, also shot by Geoff.

These models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and other assistants helped in creating such a magnificent campaign. The models really brought out their own individual energy and personality which was what we needed and wanted to portray in the brochure. I’d love to thank each of them personally for being involved in the shoot, as well as the lovely girls from Transit Lounge – Lisa Burnett, Sarah Keating and Cassey Russell.

Here is the video that Geoff and I made, we hope you like it.

You can also check out the brochure that was designed by Geoff via the link below:


Photography & Director – Laura Tuton
Brochure Layout & Graphic Design
Exist Online
Geoff Franklin
Makeup & Hair
Sheila Barber
Christina Bishop and Courtney Hoey
Charley Greenfield and Edwina Tait

– Lauren Clark
– Kate Loganathon
Lisa McNaughton
Kate Moreland
Begitta Stolk
Elise Usher

Sarah Matthews
Mark Barber
Sheila Barber
Christina Bishop
Luke Bonham
Bekky Carter
Lara Cresser
Patrick Hayward
Benjamin Kuhanez
Cammie Nott
Cassey Russell
Marie Walter
Ryan Warner
Peter Wieland
Angela Wijangco

Set and Props at Photoshoot – Lisa Burnett, Sarah Keating and Laura Tuton
Editor of Brochure
Transit Lounge Caboolture
Publisher of Brochure
Moreton Bay Regional Council

Location – Transit Lounge Caboolture, Moreton Bay Regional Council building, Caboolture, QLD

Laura xx
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